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Smarter. AI.

Six leverages proprietary machine learning technology to deliver the most comprehensive recaps based on the world’s most popular statistical information.

Scalable. Flexible.

Six delivers sophisticated graphs to provide flexibility for data sources. It can produce natural language to code with incredibly short response time.

Your Sixth Teammate.
Focused AI in Sports.

Six is deploying interactive, scalable and sports focused AI solutions. Our suite of enterprise software empowers sports organizations to generate content quickly, efficiently and at scale.

Please generate a recap based on today's game vs. Notre Dame.

Generating full story recap in less than 15 seconds.

The steward of
multi-cloud and
Graph AI in the sports vertical.

Six graphs interpret algorithm results interactively leveraging Graph AI operations. Six uses proprietary self-hosted large language models (LLMs) to scan game information and automatically produces recaps of games for university athletic departments.